Tata Motors new EV portfolio

Tata Motors are planning to open outlets for sold and distribution of goods.

The homegrown auto progressed into a personal electric mobility space. It got followed by the launch of an electronic version of Sedan Nexon.

The news revealed that the carmaker is planning to launch four more EV models in the next two years. They are good to go with the required investments as they are just looking for an exclusive experience.

The company tells about the launch of Nexon EV that will be available in 22 cities, and all this will deal through 60 Tata Motors dealerships. It has established a good market due to its strong value proposition. The sale of EVs is much better than the sale of vehicles with IC engines. Apart from this, they are in a position to provide digital experience through consumer retail stores, Croma.

Conglomerate powers further enhance leading India’s market, and it.

Tata Motors revealed the involvement of other companies in the Nexon EV project. These companies are Tata Chemicals, Tata Motors, Croma, and Tata Motors Finance, to create an e-mobility ecosystem. Further, it is working with the Tata universe for faster adaptation of EVs in the country.

These companies will also get benefitted from this in terms of economic and volume perspective.

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