CPCB to issue show-cause notice against 14 thermal plants

The environment is at a significant threat due to the changing atmosphere, which is accelerated by people’s reluctance. In this case, the government has to be strict with the laws. According to the recent news, under the Environment Protection (EP) Act, show-cause is issued against 14 thermal plants.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has taken such a decision because these thermal plants weren’t able to comply with environment norms. Thus, they can become a reason for the bad quality of air. These 14 thermal plants include four plants in Haryana, 3 in Punjab, and two each in Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh and 1 in Tamil Nadu.

All these thermal plants have crossed the limit of the emission of sulfur dioxide, and hence they are deteriorating the environment. To this, they got issued with a notice.

The chairman of CPCB – SPS Parihar said that these thermal plants have to undergo legal procedures under section 5 of the EP Act. They have to prove themselves innocent to avoid the closing of thermal plants.

The government is strict with environmental laws, and this is a great initiative for a bright and healthy environment and future.

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