commercial coal mining

Centre to provide funds for exploration project of commercial coal mining

The country’s economy is equally dependent on every sector, and thus government tries to explore every area for enhancing the economy. Coal mining is an essential sector in terms of commercial purposes. According to the recent news, the Centre will avail Rs 1,240 to Coal India’s exploration for auction. They will provide funds for two years up to 2021 for survey blocks for commercial coal miners.

The idea revealed by Senior Coal India executive is that they are planning is to divide assignments to the Coal India arm, Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd (CMPDIL). It will improve the hold to multiple times.

Earlier Centre provides Rs 250 crore for the exploration of non-Coal India blocks after they started with commercial coal mining the amount raised to Rs 540 crore and Rs 700 crore in 2019-20 & 2020-21 respectively.

Coal mining is essential to reach the energy requirements and hence spend less money on their imports. Apart from this, the department is also helping with the application of drones and methane drainage from coal bed methane projects.

In the context of project Shekhar Saran, CMPDIL’Ss chairman and managing director said that the company drilled 8.91 lakh meters up to December 2019. However, the target was 14 lakh meter, but the work is in progress.

He also addressed that by the continuous effort of CMPDI’s India’s resources has enhanced from 21 billion tonnes to 156 billion tonnes from 1976 to 2019. Six million tonne resources got added till December 2019, and a further 10 billion tonne will be added by 2019-20.

A total of 188 reports is prepared by December in 2019, out of which 32 are coal mining reports, 12 geological reports, and 42 reports belong to draft environment mine planning.

The project of exploration is undergoing in Assam and Nagaland under the administration of CMPDI. They signed a memorandum with Singareni Collieries Company Limited and SBICAP to avail services in the area of mutual interest.

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